The book I am reading is called The Battle of Jericho. I recently discussed what part of it was about. Today I am going to continue telling you about my book. The characters as you know are Dana, Jericho, Arielle, Josh, Kofi and November. There are other characters but those are the most important so we will discuss them and their problems. Ok so the pledge masters are the people who tell the pledges what to do. So far the pledge activities have been disgusting and embarrassing. Eddie is one of the pledge masters. Every time the pledges meet at the warehouse Eddie makes sure he is assigned to Dana who is the only girl pledging. He is on her back nonstop and the stuff he’s done is disrespectful and humiliating. The pledges are a strong willed group of people. I know for a fact if I had to go through even one of the pledge activities like digging through poop and rotten garbage I would quit right there. Jericho and the guys hold their own though and help out Dana whenever she needs help. I know Dana knew what she was getting in to but  Eddie kissing her and spanking her so hard was just uncalled for. Like I said I would’ve quit. He wouldn’t have hit me and if I was one of the guys that were there when he was hitting Dana I would’ve punched him in the face. Dana is a girl and I don’t like how he didn’t hit the guys as hard as he hit her. Their mistreating her because she ruined their all guy group.


My book is the battle of Jericho. it was written by Sharon M. Draper. It is about a group of kids including Jericho who are friends and some of them are joining the Warriors of Distinction. The Warriors of Distinction is a group that is usually only guys and they give back to the community in their own little twisted way. So far the group of kids have only been told they can pledge. The pledge week is not too far away but Jericho is worried because he also has a trumpet recital on the same day as one of the five days of initiation week. Also one of the friends is a girl named Dana. She is a tough girl but all in all she is a girl. The guys in the Warriors of Distinction didn’t want her to join because it was an all guy type thing. I didn’t want Dana to join either. I mean I think she’s doing good by integrating girls into it but I don’t want her to get hurt. There’s a guy named Eddie in the warriors that used to have a big crush on her but she turned him down when he asked her out. Now weird stuff has been happening to her and Eddie keeps giving her evil looks and just plain out staring at her. He also looked dead in her face when he said the pledges had to do anything their pledge masters asked them to do. Then he repeated the word anything and gave her a weird look. I’m sorry but if that were to happen to me I would’ve quit right then.

What’s up everybody. As you know I’m reading the book the secret garden. I just finished it today. In this book I thought there was going to be a more exciting ending but I guess since I already watched the movie I technically already knew what was going to happen. In the beginning I thought the book was going to be exactly like the movie but some parts were different. Like when Mary finds Colin, in the movie when everyone finds out they call Mary a trouble child and try their best to keep her away from Colin, but in the book when everyone finds out their all for Mary spending more time with Colin. I thought that in the book Medlock would try to keep them out of the gardens and inside the house but instead they are all for Mary and Dickon taking Colin out.

Welcome to my page everyone.The book I am reading is called the secret garden. It is about a snobby little girl form India who comes to misselthwaite manor. While she’s there she begins to change her ways and become a better person, with the help of Dickon and his sister Martha. she soon finds out about a secret garden that has been hidden away for ten years, being who she was she was determined to find it.